Suncoast Tampa Bay Memorial Society

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why a funeral consumers group like the Memorial Society?
A: At a time of emotional stress, grief, social pressures and lack of time, very few families are prepared to make important funeral decisions and often make hasty and expensive arrangements you yourself would not select. The Memorial Society supports advanced planning for minimum cost, dignified, funeral arrangements, and emphasizes the spiritual rather than the material aspects of death.

Q: What is the procedure when a member dies?
A: When death occurs, the only responsibility of the family is to phone the funeral director. Since all other decisions and choices have been made, the funeral director carries out the wishes and handles all the details. The family then pays for the services rendered at the reduced contracted price.

Q: Is a member of the Memorial Society required to pay in advance?
A: No. We encourage people to preplan but not to prepay. No payment is required until the specified services have been rendered by the funeral home.

Q: What if I wish to have a service in another state?
A: Affiliates of the Funeral Consumers Alliance have a reciprocal agreement. Funeral consumer groups such as ours are located in major cities in most states and are usually willing to carry out your wishes at their reduced cost arrangements with their affiliated funeral director. If you move to another state, you may transfer your membership, usually for a small fee. A statewide directory of funeral consumer groups is available online at:

Q: How are our donations and contributions spent?
A: We are a not-for-profit volunteer Society. Primary costs are for postage, computer supplies and printing costs. We pay annual dues to the national Funeral Consumers Alliance who provide us with a quarterly newsletter containing current funeral legislation and updates, brochures, etc. A financial report is made at the annual meeting.