Suncoast Tampa Bay Memorial Society

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 About Us

In 1964, a group of concerned members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg, Florida, were troubled by the high cost of funerals and the pressure put upon survivors to make quick decisions on costs that they could often ill afford. They saw a growing need for a fundamental change in funeral practices.

The Memorial Society was thus formed - not for engaging in the funeral business, but to contract with many local funeral directors for favorable, affordable rates for members willing to pay a small membership donation of $20.

A 2001 survey of 45 local funeral homes found the Suncoast Tampa Bay Memorial Society's contract cost for simple cremation to be $485 (at that time) while other funeral providers' prices ranged up to $2200 or more, and have likely gone up even more since then.

Membership in our funeral consumers organization assures the lowest cost at a time of need for simple, dignified funeral arrangements.